Your #1 Problem Is...
So your #1 biggest problem that’s holding you back from creating ultimate wealth is Overpaying Taxes. And you’re not alone - according to Forbes, 93% of business owners overpay in taxes each year, regardless of whether they used a CPA or not.

The reality is there are essentially two tax systems in the United States: one for employees and one for business owners. And the easiest way to understand the difference is that Companies Make Money and Individuals Get Taxed.

So your first step is to make sure the majority of your money is not coming to you personally through a W-2 paycheck or as a sole proprietor. 

In other words, Get Incorporated ASAP if you’re not already. But getting incorporated is just step one. Chances are, even if have a corporation it doesn’t mean you’re using it as well as you could.

Most business owners, as Forbes found, even if they are incorporated still pay entirely too much money in taxes each year. Typically this is because they don’t have a solid tax and entity strategy and while also blindly following their CPA’s not-so-great advice.

Not having a sound Tax Strategy is a major roadblock that will prevent you from creating the kind of wealth you aspire to. Think of all the hard work you put into your business - all the late nights and difficult clients. All the marketing campaigns you’ve had to figure out. The stress you’ve endured and the risks you’ve taken to make money in business… only to take it and hand it over, unnecessarily, to the government!

If you were to see exactly how much you’ve overpaid to the government over the years it would make you sick to your stomach! But it’s also a great wake up call and will hopefully motivate you to adopt a better tax strategy so you can keep more of your hard-earned money.

This is especially true if you live in America. With the new 2018 Tax Reform there are now over
80,000 pages of tax code available to U.S. business owners. However, most CPAs and accountants only work with about 13 pages of the code! 

This means you’re missing out on the vast majority of tax deductions and Tax Savings Options you’re legally entitled to.

Many people shy away from this conversation out of an unfounded fear that they’ll be engaging in some sort of tax evasion which will cause them to get fined or go to jail. However, we’re talking about using every single legal option to lower your tax bill. 

Yes, it’s about doing it “by the book” but it’s also about knowing what the book (80,000-page tax code) says is rightfully yours.

 So, if you’re not incorporated yet (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, etc.) then your first step is to incorporate (and operating as a sole proprietor doesn’t count)!

Incorporating is just the first step. Most business owners we work with are already incorporated but are still overpaying in taxes. That’s because they still think and operate like an employee instead of a corporation. Sure, they may write off the basics but they still overpay thousands of dollars in taxes each year.

Most business owners who overpay in taxes have a CPA who they hope will save them money. But remember, there’s over 80,000 pages of tax code and your CPA likely only uses less than 20 pages. They will only do the bare minimum -- they’re not focused on helping you create the kind of generational wealth you aspire to.
So Where do you start????
It's Starts With Knowledge....
Then, It Takes.....ACTION
Act, Think, and Make Money the Way the Wealthy Do
get The fREE Millionaire Maker Book!
Master the art of wealth building, and make money the way millionaires do!
There are only two things millionaires have that you don’t: wealth and the knowledge to build wealth. But that’s all about to change. Thanks to “Millionaire Maker” Loral Langemeier, you can develop the same financial intelligence that millionaires use to create, grow, and sustain their fortunes.

Regardless of your income—and in as little as one year—the exclusive wealth-building method in The Millionaire Maker can have you generating enough money to
  •  Keep More Of The Money You Make With The Right Structure
  •  Control And Then Eliminate Your Debt No Matter How Much You Owe
  •  Live Your Life On Your Schedule—Instead Of Your Employer’s
What Other Wealth Builders Are Saying About The Book
Alexander Alperovich
Alexander Alperovich
June 16, 2007
Wealth Building System in YOUR hands
Dear Reader,

If you thinking to buy this book prepare yourself with pen an paper to begin your steps to Building Wealth.

I am one of the people who was taking her coaching course and learned how all the principals she used in a book will help me to create my Personal Wealth .

She starts off with the Building Blocks of "Wealth Cycle" which are:

1. Gap Analysis: basically the difference between Current State and Future Desired State.
2. Financial Baseline: This is the Current State position - taking a stock of where you are currently!
3. Freedom Day: The objective or the Future Desired State - where you want to be say, 120 days from now.
4. Debt Management: She has a Five Step Debt Elimination Plan about which you should read in the book itself.
5. Entities: This is one of those things that most of the "Get Rich" brigade trots - i.e.; create a complex maze of LLCs, trusts and S-Corps etc.
6. Cash Machine: Find a way to earn from your existing skills. This is something that required a lot of concentration - because in my view this is the crux of the transition from debt ridden life to becoming a millionaire.
7. Wealth Account: This is base of the "pay-yourself" principle.
8. Forecasting: You need to create a "map" in order to follow it. This is essentially the "budget" which she calls with a different name.
9. Assets: Asset Allocation is the basis of wealth creation. This is very similar to the "Cash Quadrant" of Kiyosaki in "Rich dad Poor Dad"
10. Leadership: If you need to chart a new way for yourself - you need to take lead on it. This is a principle more to get one take charge of his or her's state.
11. Teamwork: Even though one needs to lead - you cannot achieve anything if you do not have others with whom you can join hands and create synergies. So she - again like Robert Allen and Kiyosaki - calls for creating a team of professionals!
12. Conditioning: You need to create a mind that can create money at any stage.

In the book he goes through case studies of her clients and I am one of them who love the system.

I believe in what she saying in her book:
"You can give me someone who's severely in debt, you can give me a single mom on a low income, you can even give me a guy who's living a big lifestyle on fumes. I can take all of them and make them millionaires."

All you have to do is follow the steps of the system and DO what need to be done to get where you want to be.

"Once you set the Wealth Cycle Process in motion, you can be on your way to having everything you ever wanted much faster than you ever thought possible"
To Your Success,

Alexander The Great Alperovich
"Grow Rich with Alperovich"
Susan Ivanicki
Susan Ivanicki
Excellent Information!!
This is a Good book to learn about investing money. I have to read it twice because there are so many interesting ideas and concepts!!
Mason Wolf
Mason Wolf
January 26, 2006
Oh, So That's How Rich People Make Money...
I got this book after hearing some good things about it from my father-in-law. I started reading it on a train ride, and quickly found it almost impossible to stop. The "rules" of money he'd been trying to teach me suddenly went from the realm of the esoteric to the commonsense. I quickly used her method to figure out my own financial baseline and one year freedom day goal. I'm in the process of applying the five step debt-elimination program (which for any of us carrying consumer debt is worth the price of the book all on its own!), and I'm already developing a new cash-machine of my own to power my Wealth Cycle.

If these terms make no sense, don't worry, as she explains them very well. I know that not everyone who gets this book is going to actually try to apply what Loral Langemeier teaches, and more's the pity. But I still give it a fairly blanket recommendation. Whether or not someone has the self-determination and confidence to actually follow her advice, the book was highly readable, went along at a quick but not a head-spinning pace, and left me with a better understanding of how the wealthy make their money. Now if I can just manage to understand how the wealthy pay their taxes...
John Matlock
John Matlock
March 29, 2006
Good Book That May Make You Think
This is a quick read, how to go into busines for yourself book. It is somewhat soft on specifics, instead taking the approach that there is something you can do as well or better than anyone else and you can build a business on that. She's right. Look in the Yellow Pages (or whatever they are calling them these days) and you will see that there are any number of companies doing any number of things in even the smallest of towns.

She then goes on to starting your own business and how to make it a success. Unlike many, she does not say skimp every penny you can and invest the rest. Instead she even recommends spending more money on things like lawyers, accountants and the like.

Is her book for everybody. No. There are people who just couldn't stand the thought of not having a job, not working for a company. There are people who for health, mental, or other reasons don't want to (using her term) 'create and execute the Wealth Cycle Process.'

There are a couple of problems with her approach. One is that it works much better when times are good. Borrowing to invest, even when the cash flow is positive has risk associated with it. If your rental house isn't rented, your business dissappears in a hurricane, or whatever, you can get into trouble.

I don't mean to soudn negative. I've done a lot of what she says. I run my own business, it's quite profitable. Will I make a million, no, probably not, I like time off too much and take several months a year off.

Her book? It's an easy read, before doing some of these things you'll want to read a lot more about things like corporations, taxes, etc. But it may be just what you need to begin thinking that this is a good alternative to being a wage slave forever.
Sharon Bartmasser
Sharon Bartmasser
Action... Not Reaction
I devoured this book in the local bookstore the other day, and then went ahead and ordered several copies to send to my loved ones....Why, because I have read so many books about real estate, stocks, money, goals and simply creating a life that will get me ahead of the game. This book has a refreshing way of showing how this is all possible. The book invites you to take a look at your structure, operating more like a business and utilizing the system to its fullest. Really, it's a matter of either we take and use what is allowed, through entity structuring, businesses and investments that will move us forward...or have it taken from us. For me..I would rather be in action as opposed to reaction. Although I know that this will not happen overnight, Ms. Langemeier allows me to see the possibilities. This is definitely a book to add to your collection.
After reading the book and playing the game, I have a much greater understanding of the path I should take to becoming a millionaire! I have the game and we are having weekly game nights now with it. You can come too:
Be A Millionaire
This is an excellent book to start you on you way to becoming a millionaire. It gets you organized and thinking about different ways to use your talents and knowledge to make money.
Bob Smith
Bob Smith
The Millionaire Maker Is The Real Deal
I've read almost every millionaire book on the market and this is by far the best. All of the other books say the same things and that's fine if you want to retire a millionaire at age 65. But as a 30 something entrepreneur I want to be a millionaire before age 35 and this book lays out a plan to accomplish that.

What I read on page 116 was worth the price of the book and I'll use this strategy to take my six figure business to millions very, very soon. I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about being rich and are tired of talking about it.
D. Friedman
D. Friedman
An Essential Tool For Creating Financial Freedom!
This book is a MUST HAVE for anyone who is choosing to live a life of true wealth and unlimited success! Loral has brilliantly laid out the step-by-step plan for creating financial freedom with a very practical, easy-to-follow program of action that anyone can start using immediately! I think this is an essential investment for every person who is ready to live the life of their dreams!

Debbie Friedman, M.S., C.Ht., creator of the Cleaning Out The Closet Of Your Mind For Wealth and Manifesting Made Easy CD and books series, ""
Laura W. Kahle
Laura W. Kahle
Great, Out-Of-The-Box Approach To Actually Getting Wealthy!
I found her book to be very captivating and I couldnt put it down! It's nice to know that you CAN achieve these things if you have the right knowledge. Also, I loved the idea which gives a completely different, positive view from the typical same old adage, of work for 30+ years, and then retire...if your lucky, and at retirement live a life at less a level than when you are working. To me that IS depressing. I loved it am excited as I pursue my own plan. Thanks Loral!
Lane Fox
Lane Fox
Should You Buy This Book?
Should you buy this book? Let's see if you should...

Have you ever received $1,000 - $10,000 in a lump sum - maybe from an inheritance, a tax refund, or a job bonus? If you have received such a lump sum, is it now all gone with nothing substantial to show for it? If you answered yes, get the book.

Is wealth creation and debt reduction something you are interested in? If yes, get the book.

Do you wish you were one of those people who could touch something and it turn into gold? If yes, get the book.

Would you like to have more life and less work? If yes, get the book.

If your financial future is uncertain, does taking control of it appeal to you? If yes, get the book.

Do you feel it would be nice to have both active and passive income? If yes, get the book.

Are you looking for something better than a shaky stock market to secure your future? If yes, get the book.

Would you prefer to have more money rather than less money in your senior years? If yes, get the book.

Amassing a million dollars and more is what happens when a person follows certain principles and concepts. Wealthy people have always known and used these principles and concepts. Fortunately, Loral has written them down for you in the book "The Millionaire Maker".

Would you be interested in finding out what these principles are? If yes, get the book.

By the way, what you will find on page 62 is worth $1,000,000 all by itself...
Julie A. Loomis
Julie A. Loomis
Great Read
I really enjoyed this book. As a business advisor, my clients look to me to get them focused on what's really important to their businesses. This will help my own personal wealth journey as well as theirs. The real-life examples are inspirational.
-Julie Loomis, CPA
Think Like The Wealthy!!!!!!!!
THis is very good book for those who want to make money, get out of debt and organize their finances. I don't know whats up with the bad reviews because I am 23 and this book has already gotten me on the right path. Very good read for those who want organization with their money and want to make more money
Joanne Musa
Joanne Musa
Best Book About Money
Out of all of the books that I have read about how to make and manage money - this one is by far the best! Loral Langemeier actually shows you step-by-step how to develop your own plan for becoming a millionaire. In The Millionaire Maker, she explains her system for developing wealth, which is very different from what most financial professionals advise their clients. She explains each of the components of her "Wealth Cycle" in detail by using real life example from her clients. This book will show you how to get out of debt while building your net worth, how to create a business to give you more money, and how to get your assets working harder for you - creating passive income. This book comes with two free tickets to see Loral live at her Team Made Millionaire event. These tickets are worth at least ten times the price of the book.
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